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At the Pit of Acheron


Dante's Inferno meets Shakespeare

In this Shakespeare inspired adaptation we explore the consequences of some of our favorite heroines and humanize the most evil women ever to be penned to paper. From Ophelia being damned by her own love for Hamlet and ending up in the Forest of Suicides, Hermione from the Winter's Tale being wrongfully accused of adultery and ending up in Lust, or Tamora vowing revenge for the death of her sons and spending eternity in Wrath; we'll explore the depths of hell in this feminist re-imagining.


Fast Facts

Genre Fast Facts

Cast Fast Facts

Shakespeare meets Dante's Inferno in this adaptation where the 9 circles of hell are filled with Shakespearean characters.

The staging will largely determine your casting needs. The cast can be as big as 30 people or can be as small as 6 people.

Video & Audio Projections are intersperced through the script make it easy to double up the cast.

Staging Fast Facts

The staging has endless potential. Let the audience walk from room to room as they go deeper into hell  or put it on a revolving stage. 

Production History

As this is a brand new script, its never been done before.

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