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Parlor House: Panic of 1893 Press Kit




Historically based, issue-focused, interactive, dynamic

immersive theater; Parlor House: Panic of 1893 highlights the fall of the Gilded Age and the inequity of power between men and women, with deep resonances with the crash of 2008. As the economic depression begins to shutter businesses, High Ranking Seattle Officials find themselves unlikely bedfellows when they turn to a Madam of a high-end brothel owner looking for money. By borrowing money from the Madam, sex workers not only bail out the officials but also save the city of Seattle. 

May 5, 1893, the expansion and rise of the American Industrialist, in the Gilded Age, comes to a screeching halt as the United State’s finds itself plummeting toward its first economic depression. Was it the failed coup in Argentina? Was it JP Morgan pulling funding from the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad? Something far more nefarious? 

    Watch the events unfold as you step inside Seattle’s most infamous parlor house of Madam Lou Graham. In this interactive, theatrical immersion performance you’ll be encouraged to mingle with the characters, hear their stories, and find out what really happened the night the banks failed.

Fast Facts

Genre Fast Facts

Cast Fast Facts

Interactive, theatrical immersive show. The audience is invited to walk around the Parlor House to watch the show from the perspective of multiple characters. The audience is invited to speak directly to the actors.

The cast includes 6 women, 6 men, a trans woman, and a woman who lives as a man; historically supported and researched

Staging Fast Facts

The play uses a large main room with a back bar and 2 separate rooms. Costuming is late 19th century.

Run time 2hrs 30 minutes

Production History

2018 WhatNot Thearics Seattle, WA

2019 WhatNot Thearics Seattle, WA

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