Minxes of Middle Earth

Strip-and-Sing Along

Welcome to Minxes of Middle Earth A Lord of the Rings Inspired Burlesque Strip-and-Sing Along! When you know the words to a song feel free to sing along!

Vixen Valentine

Vixen Valentine's been breaking ground in contemporary burlesque since 2010 with works that span from clownish wonderment to powerful presence. Taking audiences on unexpected journeys ranging from humor to emotionally engaging pieces; she's won Most Innovative (Oregon Burlesque Festival), Most Comedic (Como Lake, It), and Most Haunting (All Hallows' Tease). Bridging burlesque and theatre she's co-founder of WhatNot Theatrics

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Annie Position

They are nerdy, pervy, and more than a little dirty! Known as the Maneater of the Pacific Northwest, they’ll leave you wanting to whisper sweetly in their ear about how you’re going to tear down the patriarchy with them while serving them a cup of hot tea. They’ll win you over with their adorkable charm and leave you in a twist, they are Annie Position!


Giving us a cross between Tilda Swinton and a muppet, Annie’s performances are an experience unlike any other. From weird, alluring, kinky, dark to silly, ridiculous and over the top, they serve up the ASSets you've been looking for. You can win them over with a tantalizing tossed salad, but your confused arousal will work just fine. Annie Position is Seattle’s Salacious Muppet Next Door. 

Annie Position by Philip Donley.jpg

Risqué and Rye

The Thembo Next Door bringing heathenry, healing, and liberation everywhere they go. They are a baby burlesquer whining their hips through the PNW. A professional thrower of ass, and titillating twerker, they artfully dance the line of perfect pink princess and horror gore whore with their work. They are temptation in the flesh with the knees of a Sinner. The Genderqueer GodAss: Risqué And Rye (ris-KAY and r-EYE)

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Taryn Luce

The Mother Goose of Burlesque, Taryn Luce is the racy raconteuse, the fabulous fabulist, the salacious storyteller here to tempt, tease and delight! Since finding the burlesque stage in 2015, she’s strutted her stuff and shared stories around the world, and been honored with titles including most comedic at the 2022 Oklahoma and 2019 Savannah Burlesque Festivals, Best Costume at the 2020 Hollywood Burlesque Festival, first runner up at the 2019 Panama Burlesque Festival, and the 2018 Oregon Burlesque Festival’s “Keep It Weird” award. An Alchemist of Tease and guest instructor for #ShowTHEM  Burlesque, Taryn wants to help build an inclusive world where everyone has an opportunity to share their unique stories and be their authentic selves.

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Whisper de Corvo

Whisper De Corvo, the 2021 Queer Monarch, is a nationally headlining Neo burlesque and Nerdlesque performer/producer from the Pacific NorthWest. A founding member of the SEABCC, they are an Indigenous, non binary ,and award winning performer. They have slapped their thighs, and played with gender expectations ,across the nation for the last 13 years bringing butt tricks and mystery everywhere they go.

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Onyx Wolf

Onyx Wolf is a multifaceted performer, floating through many realms of performance art. With an extensive dance background, Onyx found it a seamless transition into the world of Burlesque, pole and aerial, where she became quite fascinated with the new ways her body could writhe around and make art. She has spent the last few years cultivating her signature aggressive, yet sensual, style of movement. She is a performer with SimonePin, a resident gogo and performer at QueerBar, a board member of Queerly Beloved Revue and GM of local aerial studio, Pole Fitness Seattle.


Kir Royale

Kir Royale is a local burlesque performer in Seattle.  After years of performing on stage in theater, she discovered the art of burlesque and hasn’t looked back.  Trained in acting, dancing, and singing, Kir weaves together performances that both tell a story and make a statement, in addition to showing off a few rhinestones and some tassel twirls.   Favorite past roles include: Lettie in Parlour House (WT), The Narrator/Evil Gabby in She Kills Monsters (Theatre Schmeater), Eat Me in Through the Looking Glass (Verlaine & McCann), Alice in Closer (SR), and Magenta in The Rocky Horror Show (UMN).  When she isn’t performing, she can usually be found drinking champagne, reading a book about the strange and unusual, or enjoying a good board game.


Olivia of the Stage

Olivia is…of the Stage.  She’s usually seen around town doing all sorts of musical theatre performances from Yitzhak in Hedwig and the Angry Inch to the Witch in Into the Woods.  She’s no virgin to the burlesque world but has only begun to dip in her perfectly painted toes.  She’s thrilled to be reimagining this nerdy duet with her bestie, Kir Royale!

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Jesus La Pinga

Jesus La Pinga serves up high adrenaline comedic laughs with a strong dose of feelings. He is known to many as A Modern Dance Burlesque Explosion. He is the son of Burlesque Legend Ertha Quake, who used her 9.9 to shake a Volcano and erupt him onto this earth. 


In 2014, Jesus became the 1st Majority Whip of Burlesque. He uses his office to whip dollars out of peoples hands to give them to the Legends Challenge to raise money for our Living Legends to get to BHOF.

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Lady Drew Blood

Lady Drew Blood is known as “Seattle’s Chameleon Showgirl” and has been on the National Burlesque scene since 2005. She came to burlesque from roller derby and thrives on kicking ass. She's a true lover of all things nerdy and dirty, with the resume to back it up. Drews performed in a variety of PNW productions and festivals in Seattle, Alaska, Portland and New York. She is known for her ability to transform into a wide array of characters and has a wide range of performance styles, all sure to entertain. Add to all that, her love of music and the hardcore, and you get one talented bad ass performer. 

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