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Works of an Ecsydiast


Ms. Valentine holds an M.F.A. in Physical Theatre from Accademia dell'Arte (Italy) & a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the University of Washington where she spent a quarter abroad studying dance and literature at the University of Hull, Scarborough, England.


Vixen_Valentine_Lady_McBeth_2018-05-18 B


Won Most Haunting All Hallows' Tease 2018

Lady McBeth sleepwalks through the halls unable to get the sight of blood off her hands. Will you slip into her madness?

Length: 4:21



Three Chests

Performed at Munich Burlesque Festival May 2014, Italy Queen Burlesque Festival July 2014, Como Lake Burlesque in the City September 2014


Fusing together classic burlesque aesthetics with jazzy movements.


Length: 3:30


Black Valentine

The salacious rendezvous with a lover is a delicate matter. One that involves a bit of mystery & intrigue. The stakes are high if you have much to lose by getting caught.

Length: 5:01


    Bad Love

High energy, Rocklesque Routine

Getting over a bad breakup is hard to do. Finding your inner strength to do it is even harder. But sometimes you need to pick yourself up and move on.

Length: 4:07

Grease Lightning


When the T-Birds & Scorpions meet at Thunder Road for a showdown the T-Birds reveal their new, re-vamped hot rod; Grease Lightning.


Length: 3:30

Fur The Love Of The Trade 


A Wild West inspired piece, this fur trader loves her job and reveals why she is so good at it.



Length: 4:30



A close look at what happens when the lights go out at the toy store, Dolly makes a shocking discovery!



Length: 4:00

Heart of the Tardis

Won Most Innovative Oregon Burlesque Festival 2017

Won Most Comedic

Como Lake Burlesque Festival 2014


Inspired by The Dr.'s Wife episode of Dr. Who- The heart of the Tardis is put inside the body of a woman who discovers the joys of her own skin.


Length: 4:50

Vixen Valentine-Meneldor Photography-Clo

Clown Fan Dance

Vixen Valentine performs as Nipsy Tipples!


When a clown is asked to perform burlesque she grabs her fan to perform a classic fan dance!


Length: 3:02

Blue Rose - Vixen 21.jpg

Cherry Pie

Dark Humor

Cherry Pie realizes that she is delicious. So delicious that she can't stop from cannibalizing herself.


Length: 3:38

Lady of the Lake In 2 Parts


Paying homage to the Lady of the Lake from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Spamalot, this campy routine brings out the diva inside of the Lady of the Lake.


Length of routine: 7:40

Dead Marshes


Inspired by Tolkien's the Dead Marshes from LOTR you'll find the dead tempt you with fairy lights to go towards the water but what will you find once you fall in?


Length: 5:05

Momento Mori 


"Remember Your Mortality" Inspired by the Commedia Dell'Arte mask of the Medico della Peste or Plague Doctor this routine takes a sneak peak at the person behind the mask.


Length: 5:40



Spicing up the traditional fan dance by combining classic fan dancing with object manipulation.



Length: 3:33 


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