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With an M.F.A in Physical Theater Ms. Valentine has a background in acting, movement and voice in addition to her burlesque training. Ms. Valentine has taught workshops to students who are new to burlesque, burlesque performers, and non-burlesque performers who are looking to enhance their skills in theater without a fourth wall and audience interaction. Below are a few of her workshops currently available. If you don't see what you are looking for or would like more details contact her directly at

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Burlesque Techniques for the Non-Burlesque Performer

In this workshop we will examine different techniques to directly connect with your audience while on-stage. Exploring themes of actor/performer intention, non-verbal communication, musicality and audience response we will practice techniques common in the neo-burlesque field that can be useful for the non-burlesque performer.

Eye contact, clear intention of action and breathing will be the foundation of principles explored in this workshop. Students are asked to come prepared to move in comfortable clothing.

Creating the Story

Exploring the use of props, costume and music in a routine

In this hands on workshop we will explore the creation process of developing a story (routine) for burlesque. By examining intention we will look at how the use of props, costumes, and music help to support the story of the routine on stage as well as the interconnected relationship the performer has with these items on stage.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

For burlesque performers

In this hands on workshop we will explore different techniques and tricks performers can use to better engage their entire body while on stage to draw in the audience. As burlesque performers, we focus so much of our attention on our face that the goal of this workshop is to use masks to hide our facial expressions in order to better see how the rest of our body becomes an integral part of the routine. Examining poise, intention and breathing we will explore how these elements affect the audience and how we can use them in order to be fully present on stage.

Down and Dirty Choreography Tricks

So you need to build a routine and can't seem to find inspiration for your movement, dance or striptease? In this down and dirty, quick choreography tricks workshop we'll explore fun ways to breathe life into your favorite tried and true moves or play around to find your next signature move. Come ready to play and we'll explore new ways of looking at old tricks!

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